Gourdette, gourd art by Sioux George

Hello, my name is Sioux George!


I became addicted to gourds in November, 2000 after taking a basic gourd class. Since then I have traveled far and wide to attend classes, buy gourds, sell gourds and give classes. I am currently a member of the California Gourd Society, the Calabash Connection patch, and the Santa Cruz Gourd and Basket patch.


Born in Burbank and raised in the Mojave Desert, I have called Santa Cruz County home for many years, but find myself drawn to any locale that has gourds.


How I work

My first project involved sewing a zipper into a gourd. The magnetic gourds with keyboard-key magnets are unusual. A gourd "map" hat is quite odd, but is very special to me because I also grew it. A recent class produced a Funky Twining Gourd. My latest joy is gourd purses. My reputation for "thinking outside the box" is reinforced by this corner-less media.


See my Portfolio for samples of my work. See my Studio pages to see how I work.


Gourd Summer Camp!

Do you want to go to camp for a week this summer and play with gourds?

See the Events page for information on our June 2009 camp.


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gourd purse

Zippered Gourd by Sioux George


Copyright © 2003 - 2006 by Sioux George. All rights reserved.